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Pet Booster Seats – How To Keep Your Pet Safe Whilst Travelling

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Pet Booster Seats – are used in your vehicle to help keep you and your pet safe whilst driving.

Many dogs are not restrained at all during transit, and their safety or the potential risks involved in having a loose pet in a vehicle whilst driving are often never even considered.

But we feel that the dog safety in cars, and the safe-keeping of a pet on-board a vehicle is as important as having safe passengers too. A loose pet can be hazard, not only to others travelling in the vehicle, but also to the driver as well.

Therefore there are all sorts of safety equipment available to help with dog safety in cars and help to keep your pet safe whilst in transit; these include for example, safety barriers, crates, and harnesses. However one other option to consider is the pet booster seat.

Pet Booster Seats Benefits:

A booster seat can provide your smaller pets with comfort, happiness and security whilst travelling. The smaller pets can now also enjoy their journey because using a booster seat allows your pet to be positioned higher and can therefore see around them, helping them to be less agitated, stressed, and be more content and relaxed.

There are a lot of different types and brands of pet booster seats to choose from, but one good example we have discovered is the Solvit 62291 Deluxe.

Features of the Solvit 62291 Deluxe Pet Booster Seat:

The floor of the booster seat is removable and washable.
The booster seat is elevated above the seat, so your pet can clearly see around him, through the windows and windshield, this is a feature which many pets enjoy.
Your pet is well-supported, but there are no clumsy straps in the way when installing in your car.
Includes a zippered pocket where you can store treats and toys.
For comfort, the Solvit 62291 Deluxe has a padded lining.
It is quick to assemble and easy to install, and people who reviewed this booster seat really liked it. It has demonstrated that it offers safety to both pets and the driver, because pets are no longer loose on the floor or seats whilst travelling. Pets are more content, and can either see where they are going, or can curl up and go to sleep!

Pet Booster Seats – How To Find A Reliable Store To Buy From:

You may already have a pet store near you, and therefore you may feel happier to go there to buy your Booster Seat.

However, before you make your final decision, why not consider looking online because you can buy from a reliable store, get it delivered to your door, and most importantly find a really good deal, and often at a much cheaper price than you can find in-store.

However, although we do recommend on-line shopping, we also add that it is beneficial to buy from an online store that is well established. This is just to make as sure as possible that you get a great service, that the transaction is safe, that you get the product delivered, and you have a good customer service and support department to help with any queries or returns.

To find a well established on-line store to and get a great deal, why

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