Dog Booster Seat – What You Need to Know Before You Buy

For the safety of your dog and yourself it makes perfect sense to ensure that your best loved companion is safely secured when travelling in your car. In the past, before I had a dog booster seat I spent a lot of time looking in the rear view mirror checking up on what my dog was doing, and if I wasn’t looking in the mirror I was probably trying to get him off my knee. Nowadays you would not even consider travelling with a child who was not secured in a booster seat so why do it with your dog.

Here are a few things you need to consider before you purchase your dog booster seat.

Ensure that the seat you are going to buy will take the weight of your dog as there are many different makes of dog booster seat on the market and different ones hold different weights, so make sure and check this carefully.
Make sure the seat will attach properly to your car seat both with and with out headrests. Some booster seats are only designed to be fitted with headrests and if your car does not have headrests you may not be able to attach it.
It is important that the lining of the booster seat is easily removable and also machine washable. You may return to your vehicle with a wet dog and as we all know the smell of wet dog is a very difficult to get rid of, so if you cannot remove the lining to wash it, you are going to have a very smelly car.
Ensure that the dog booster seat you are going to buy has the ability to sit up high and provide an unobstructed view for your dog. The higher your pet sits up off the car seat the more comfortable the ride will be, and this is especially important if travel sickness could be an issue for your pet.
A dog booster seat allows you to take your dog in your car in safety. You no longer have to leave your dog at home and suffer from separation anxiety and can now take your dog on all of your trips no matter whether they are for work or pleasure, and enjoy his company everywhere you go.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look out for why not have a look at the full range of approved Dog Booster Seats []. These are top quality products for serious pet lovers from a leading supplier. What’s more, if your order is more than $50 then shipping is free.

Whilst today you may be looking for a Dog Booster

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