Best Booster Seats on the Market

When it comes to endless amounts of fun and entertainment, for a child, nothing beats a drive with Mom and Dad in the family car. Whether you’re just driving to the grocery store or are going on that annual road trip to Grandma’s house, you can be certain that your toddler or baby will be bouncing with excitement for a great drive. As a savvy parent, you also know that a great road trip with a small child has several ingredients for success – you need snacks, plenty of games to keep him or her distracted during those long stretches and a great booster seat from a brand that you know and trust.

Yet for busy parents, finding the time to research the best booster seats on the market today can not only be time-consuming; it can be downright overwhelming! Luckily for frazzle parents everywhere, we’ve taken the guesswork out of buying your best booster seat – so consider this article your ultimate guide to the best booster seats that money can buy!

First up is the Britax Monarch Booster, which looks pretty impressive at first glance. However, give the booster seat a closer look, and you’ll discover that this is one of the first booster seats to offer side impact protection should you get into an accident with your toddler in the car. The Britax Monarch Booster not only has safety in mind; they’ve got a great eye for a child’s comfort as well. Between the luxurious padding on the seats and the gentle slope which is perfect for sleepy and angelic heads, this booster seat will make you feel as though your child is in great hands. You can purchase your own Britax Monarch Booster seat at a starting price of $150 at nurseries, department stores and online.

For those parents who travel more by plane than by train or automobile – and don’t want to leave their child’s safety in the hands of those rickety airline booster seats – than the Compass B510 Booster is the perfect choice for the jetsetter family. Light, durable and easy to handle, the Compass B510 Booster can go from the car to the airport with ease, but that doesn’t mean it’s sacrificed any safety in the process – this great booster seat has all of the necessary padding to keep your baby safe and sound, including side impact protection. Get your hands on one for the low price of $64.99 (online price only) and up.

If you’re little bundle of joy is growing into a bigger toddler (they grow so fast, don’t they?), then the Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster is the perfect choice for parents who don’t want to shell out money for two booster seats in the space of a year or two. Packed with loads of safety foam – which offers great protection in case you get into an accident – and featuring an adjustable seat that can accommodate a child up to five feet tall, you’ll never have to buy another booster seat again. Indeed, with this incredible booster seat, why would you ever want to? Buy this great investment seat for as low as $139.95 (search online for the best prices), and watch as your dollars stretch for years thanks to this smart buy!

When purchasing a booster seat that will protect and accommodate your growing bundle of joy, then any one of these fantastic booster seats will definitely be worth your money. For more information on these seats, check out or head to online stores to grab these seats at a great discounted price!

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