Dog Booster Seat – What You Need to Know Before You Buy

For the safety of your dog and yourself it makes perfect sense to ensure that your best loved companion is safely secured when travelling in your car. In the past, before I had a dog booster seat I spent a lot of time looking in the rear view mirror checking up on what my dog was doing, and if I wasn’t looking in the mirror I was probably trying to get him off my knee. Nowadays you would not even consider travelling with a child who was not secured in a booster seat so why do it with your dog.

Here are a few things you need to consider before you purchase your dog booster seat.

Ensure that the seat you are going to buy will take the weight of your dog as there are many different makes of dog booster seat on the market and different ones hold different weights, so make sure and check this carefully.
Make sure the seat will attach properly to your car seat both with and with out headrests. Some booster seats are only designed to be fitted with headrests and if your car does not have headrests you may not be able to attach it.
It is important that the lining of the booster seat is easily removable and also machine washable. You may return to your vehicle with a wet dog and as we all know the smell of wet dog is a very difficult to get rid of, so if you cannot remove the lining to wash it, you are going to have a very smelly car.
Ensure that the dog booster seat you are going to buy has the ability to sit up high and provide an unobstructed view for your dog. The higher your pet sits up off the car seat the more comfortable the ride will be, and this is especially important if travel sickness could be an issue for your pet.
A dog booster seat allows you to take your dog in your car in safety. You no longer have to leave your dog at home and suffer from separation anxiety and can now take your dog on all of your trips no matter whether they are for work or pleasure, and enjoy his company everywhere you go.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look out for why not have a look at the full range of approved Dog Booster Seats []. These are top quality products for serious pet lovers from a leading supplier. What’s more, if your order is more than $50 then shipping is free.

Whilst today you may be looking for a Dog Booster

Car Booster Seat Safety For Kids

Car booster seat safety is a prime concern for parents, especially when taking children on the road. It is no longer enough that you buy a child safety seat without even considering road policies and important precautions. Statistics reveal that road accidents are one of the recognized causes of severe injuries and even death for children and you, being a responsible parent, have the right to all important road and safety information.

Safety seats for children are required to increase protection for kids. Nowadays, children and kids over a year old are more prone to traveling with parents. Road trips, weekend getaways and vacations are part of every family’s itinerary that you have to know how to be safer. Accessories including seat belts do help but with the increasing number of auto crashes per year, safety seat and booster seat options for consumers are becoming more popular as standards for road safety.

Car seats are normally equipped with seat belts, which are primarily designed to fit an adult’s body. Basically, for kids, the fit would have to be different. The car booster seats for children are made and designed to answer such fitting and size variations. With a baby or toddler seat, your child will now be sitting comfortably and will be able to use the shoulder belts in your car, appropriately.

Studies show that while not all road and vehicular accidents translate to death, the likelihood of sustaining certain injuries, due to improper safety features becomes more apparent. In addition, corresponding liver or spleen damage, cracked ribs, as well as other disturbing injuries are more likely to be sustained. One’s incapacity to provide for a toddler or booster seat may also result to certain head, neck or spinal injuries, which are all life threatening. These considerations, once studied, can be prevented, if only you have the right tools and have readily followed regulations well.

The implementation of car safety policies is currently recognized in many countries. In the United States, for example, states including California, Rhode Island and Washington are now implementing and following enacted laws. Today, children under age six are now required to use car booster seats or child safety seats.

Road worthiness need not only mean maintaining your car for safety. Prevention, as always, is crucial in uplifting and supporting child safety. Lapses in judgment are often the culprit, since many adults think that traveling short distances may not require the use of corresponding toddler seats. Keep in mind though that you, as a guardian or parent, take full responsibility when it comes to children. What you do now has an effect on them, regardless of how small or big such act would be.

Make things easier for you and your family by simply following enacted laws and thinking primarily of kids concerns. Never hesitate to pay a few more dollars just to have the right toddler or baby seat for your children. Travel safely and do not use short-distanced trips as an excuse to not equip your vehicle with car booster seats.

Best Booster Seats on the Market

When it comes to endless amounts of fun and entertainment, for a child, nothing beats a drive with Mom and Dad in the family car. Whether you’re just driving to the grocery store or are going on that annual road trip to Grandma’s house, you can be certain that your toddler or baby will be bouncing with excitement for a great drive. As a savvy parent, you also know that a great road trip with a small child has several ingredients for success – you need snacks, plenty of games to keep him or her distracted during those long stretches and a great booster seat from a brand that you know and trust.

Yet for busy parents, finding the time to research the best booster seats on the market today can not only be time-consuming; it can be downright overwhelming! Luckily for frazzle parents everywhere, we’ve taken the guesswork out of buying your best booster seat – so consider this article your ultimate guide to the best booster seats that money can buy!

First up is the Britax Monarch Booster, which looks pretty impressive at first glance. However, give the booster seat a closer look, and you’ll discover that this is one of the first booster seats to offer side impact protection should you get into an accident with your toddler in the car. The Britax Monarch Booster not only has safety in mind; they’ve got a great eye for a child’s comfort as well. Between the luxurious padding on the seats and the gentle slope which is perfect for sleepy and angelic heads, this booster seat will make you feel as though your child is in great hands. You can purchase your own Britax Monarch Booster seat at a starting price of $150 at nurseries, department stores and online.

For those parents who travel more by plane than by train or automobile – and don’t want to leave their child’s safety in the hands of those rickety airline booster seats – than the Compass B510 Booster is the perfect choice for the jetsetter family. Light, durable and easy to handle, the Compass B510 Booster can go from the car to the airport with ease, but that doesn’t mean it’s sacrificed any safety in the process – this great booster seat has all of the necessary padding to keep your baby safe and sound, including side impact protection. Get your hands on one for the low price of $64.99 (online price only) and up.

If you’re little bundle of joy is growing into a bigger toddler (they grow so fast, don’t they?), then the Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster is the perfect choice for parents who don’t want to shell out money for two booster seats in the space of a year or two. Packed with loads of safety foam – which offers great protection in case you get into an accident – and featuring an adjustable seat that can accommodate a child up to five feet tall, you’ll never have to buy another booster seat again. Indeed, with this incredible booster seat, why would you ever want to? Buy this great investment seat for as low as $139.95 (search online for the best prices), and watch as your dollars stretch for years thanks to this smart buy!

When purchasing a booster seat that will protect and accommodate your growing bundle of joy, then any one of these fantastic booster seats will definitely be worth your money. For more information on these seats, check out or head to online stores to grab these seats at a great discounted price!

The Best and Safest Booster Seats

Most states have safety laws regarding children, infants, car restraints, and seats. Car safety is very important and infant car seats come in various shapes and sizes. Infants must be in an infant seat and face the rear of the vehicle. Infant seats are to be used until your child is one year old and weighs over 20 pounds.

Children who are 20-40 pounds need to be in a booster seat with a harness. A seat booster is simply an elevated seat that is able to be manually strapped in by using the standard safety belts that come in most vehicles. The best booster seats come with a 5 point harness setup and are designed with safety in mind. After 40 pounds, children need to be in a no back booster seat and use the vehicles harness straps. Also, the best booster seats convert to accommodate a child as they grow, such as those listed below.

Models and Reviews vary with name brands. Most parents are looking for quality, price, and safety when considering the best booster.

The Evenflo -Big Kid DLX Booster Seat, Eclipse Provides added cushioning and dual activity lights in the headrest. Many parents loved the idea of having the lights for their children when they travel at night. They can play with their toys and keep themselves occupied during evening commutes. A one-hand full body height adjustment allows the seat to grow with your child. It is also equipped with cup holders and pivoting armrests. The back of the seat is easily removed to be a no back booster. This seat accommodates a child from 30 to 100 pounds and up to 57 inches tall.

Safety 1st – Vantage High Back Booster Car Seat One of the best booster seats. This model features a 5-point harness. The design of this seat comes in many different colors. Removable cup holder, usable on either side, can be used upright or reclined. This booster seat can also be used as both a front facing seat for 22-40lbs and a belt positioning booster for 40-100lbs. Very versatile and robust, a great buy at a bargain price.

The First Years – Compass B540 Ultra Folding Adjustable Booster This seat has a easy folding feature that makes removing, and storing the seat easy. As your child grows, use the side adjustment to raise the back and keep your child fully supported. This seat is designed for 3 to 10 years old, and 30 to 100 pounds. It has rotating armrests and cup holders for convenience.

Britax – Frontier Booster Car Seat Is a higher priced and heavier booster seat. It is heavily padded to keep your child comfortable while traveling. It comes standard with extra deep side walls and adjustable head support to provide true side impact protection. Highest five-point harness seat capacity which allows children to grow and remain safely harnessed up to 80lbs. or in booster mode up to 10lbs. Features tangle free, five-point harness with eight harness heights and three buckle positions for a secure and snug fit. This is worth the money for the sheer safety and security it provides.

When your child outgrows the harness seats, the no backless booster seats are less expensive. For the safety of your child, the law recommends that a child be in a booster seat until they are older. No child under the age of thirteen is to be in the front seat, because of the danger from air bags, but good luck telling that to a 9 year old. Overall, every parent is subject to their budget when deciding which of the best seats to buy. Our goal with this article is to provide many choices for any parent to evaluate which is the best booster seat for them and their child.

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